Scholarships and Bursaries


    Almost all private schools will offer financial assistance of some kind to some pupils. What is on offer varies greatly so it is essential to contact the school directly.


    It's important to apply in plenty of time; the deadline for many awards is often a whole academic year before the start of the course. This means you need to ask about bursaries two years before your child is due to start school. It's not just senior schools that offer bursaries; plenty of prep schools offer money off the fees.


    A bursary is a financial award that enables pupils to attend schools who otherwise would not be able to afford the fees. It is means tested, so schools will want to know about all your financial circumstances, not just your take-home pay. eg. What kind of house do you live in, what car do you drive, what savings do you have, what size is your mortgage, where do you go on holiday, do both parents work, could you borrow against your house, are there relatives who could help? So be prepared!


    A scholarship is a financial award to a student who shows talent or ability in a particular subject (academic) or area eg. sport, art or music. To apply for a scholarship, gifted students are usually invited to take part in an open exam or test, normally held in the academic year before admission. You might only get 10-20 per cent off the fees, but you might be able to get a bursary on top.


    You will have a better chance of being awarded a scholarship if you look for schools that emphasise your child's particular talent.

    Some schools offer bursaries to 'all-rounders', meaning any pupil that the school feel is a 'good fit'.

    Every school has their own bursary/scholarship scheme. It is therefore important to investigate each school individually, in order to get the most benefit.